The creative adult is the child who survived.

- Ursula LeGuin

Thanks for taking the time to view my website

My name is Kelly Kobarda. I have always been into creating and using my imagination. I have always enjoyed generating many types of art with different media. After years of experimenting, I decided graphic design is where I wanted to focus my creative energy.

I have a Certificate of Art and Design Fundamentals from Sheridan College, as well as a Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Fanshawe College. As of right now, I'm working at Sun Media as a production artist for top revenue generating news papers.

Please take the time to look at what I have accomplished on my portfolio page. I have a variety of things to show you. I hope you enjoy!


Things About Me

I live in Barrie, Ontario. I'm originally from London, Ontario and I try to get back to visit family when ever I can. I enjoy trying to keep healthy with workouts and walking outdoors. I love to travel when I get the chance. I enjoy listening to comedy and educational podcasts. I love science and science fiction. One of my favorite places to be is at the cinema. My favorite colours are purple and blue. I love animals and have 2 cats named Scully & Mulder.

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